ARTIST: Beatles
TITLE: Do You Want to Know a Secret
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 2]

You'll never know how much I really love you
You'll never know how much I really care

/ Dm - Gm Dm / F - Eb A7 / 

Do you want to know a secret
Do you promise not to tell, whoa
Let me whisper in your ear
Say the words you long to hear
I'm in love with you, ooh

/ D F#m7-Fm7 Em7 A7 / / D F#m7-Fm7 Em7 Gm7 / 
   / 1st, 2nd / G - A7 - / Bm - Em7 A7 /

{Repeat verse}

   I've known a secret for a week or two
   Nobody knows, just we two

   / G Em Bm Am / G Em Bm Am Em - A7 - /

{Repeat first verse}


/ Bm - Em7 A7 / 

{Repeat to fade}

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