ARTIST: James Rado
TITLE: Donna
Lyrics and Chords


Oh, once upon a looking-for-Donna-time
There was a sixteen year old virgin
Oh Donna, oh oh, Donna, oh oh oh
Looking for my Donna

/ A7 - / E7 - / A7 - / D - / 

I just got back from looking for Donna
San Francisco psychedelic urchin
Oh Donna, oh oh, Donna, oh oh oh
Looking for my Donna

Have you seen 
My sixteen year old tattooed woman
Heard a story
She got busted for her beauty, oh oh oh
Oh oh!

/ D C / / G - / E7 - A - / A7 - /


   I've been to India and saw the yogi light
   In South America the Indian smoke glows bright
   I'm reincarnated and so are we all
   And in this lifetime we'll rise
   Before we fall - Before we fall

   / D B7 - E / - C#7 - F#m / A - A7 D / G#7 - D - - - / G - E7 - /


   And I'm gonna show her life on earth can be sweet
   Gonna lay my mutated self at her feet
   And I'm gonna love her, make love to her
   Till the sky turns brown
   I'm evolving, I'm evolving through the drugs
   That you put down - That you put down


Looking for my Donna
Looking for Madonna

/ D - / / F#m7 /

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