ARTIST: Betty Comden, Adolph Green and Jule Styne
TITLE: Distant Melody
Lyrics and Chords

[Peter Pan]

[ Fm6 = xx0111 ; Capo 3 ]

Once upon a time and long ago
I heard someone singing soft and low
Now when day is gone and night is near
I recall this song I used to hear

/ G - Cm - / D7 - G - / :

My child, my very own
Don't be afraid, you're not alone
Sleep until the dawn for all is well

/ Am7 D7 / G Fm6G7 / A7 - Am7 D7 /

Long ago this song was sung to me
Now it's just a distant melody
Someone from the past I used to know
Once upon a time and long ago

/ G - Cm - / D7 - G - / D7 - Bm7 Em7 / Am7 D7 G - /

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