ARTIST: Gunther Anderson and Donna Dubé
TITLE: Difficult Run
Lyrics and Chords

When I was five my family moved to horse-country Virginia
The forest out behind the house went all the way to Richmond
Take the old trails a mile or two
Down the hills, they'd bring you to
A little creek, a boyhood dream called Difficult Run

/ A E D A / / C D / / A D E A /

  The summer sun shone through the trees
  The honeysuckle on the breeze
  Take me back there if you please
  To my Difficult Run

  / D G / A D / - G / A D /

The water wasn't deeper than a little boy could stand in
On one stretch we could jump across, another place we swam in
Playing games and climbing trees
In the creek up to our knees
We explored every bend and ford in Difficult Run

  The arrow heads and rebel caves
  The cowboys and the Indian braves
  The rainy days and morning haze
  On Difficult Run

They put a house on every hill and roads joined them together
The forest's mostly lumber now, and the people don't remember
We moved out when I was twelve
It's sometimes hard to tell ourselves
That buried deep in the suburb sleeps our Difficult Run

  My brothers are all grown and gone
  My oldest friends have all moved on
  But I still dream in the summer dawn
  About Difficult Run

  So I park my car in the cul-de-sac
  Walking down that ol' horse's track
  And now and then I'll take me back
  To my Difficult Run

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