ARTIST: John Stewart
TITLE: Daydream Believer
Lyrics and Chords

[As recorded by the Monkees. In Stewart's original, "Now you know how happy..." is actually "Now you know how funky...".]

Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings
Of the blue bird as she sings
The six-o'clock alarm would never ring
But it rings and I rise
Wipe the sleep out of my eyes
Me shaving razor's cold and it stings

/ G Am7 / Bm C / G Em A D / 1st / 2nd / 
     / GEm AmD G - /

Cheer up, sleepy Jean
Oh what can it mean to a
Daydream believer and a
Homecoming queen

/ CD Bm / CD EmC / G C / GEm A7 D7 /

You once thought of me
As a white knight on his steed
Now you know how happy I can be
Oh, and our good times start and end
Without dollar one to spend
But how much, baby, do we really need

{Refrain twice}

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