ARTIST: Wang Chung
TITLE: Dance Hall Days
Lyrics and Chords

Take your baby by the hand
And make her do a high handstand
Then take your baby by the heel
And do the next thing that you feel

/ FaddG CaddG G - / / / /

We were so in phase
In our dance hall days
We were cool on craze
When I, you, and everyone we knew
Could believe, do, and share in what was true
Oh, I said
Dance hall days, love

/ F C G - / / / F C Eb G / F E Am Gsus4G / FaddG CaddG G - / / 

Take your baby by the hair
And pull her close and there, there, there
And take your baby by the ears
And play upon her darkest fears


Dance hall days
Dance hall days, love

Take your baby by the wrist
And in her mouth an amethyst
And in her eyes, two sapphires blue
And you need her and she needs you (5X)


Dance hall days, love
Dance hall days
{Repeat, ad lib to fade}

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