ARTIST: Christopher Shaw
TITLE: Cold River Waltz
Lyrics and Chords

In the heart of the forest you can stand 'neath the pines
Feel the time-honored battle of a trout on the line
See the view from the high peaks 'bove the timber line
Dancing to the Cold River Waltz

/ C - F C / F Dm Fm C / C C7 F Dm / G G7 C G / 

Ah-dee-ay, ah-diddly-aye-doe, hear the woods as they sing
As we step to the tune of an old fiddler's strings
Glide 'cross the floor like a hawk on the wing
Dancin' to the Cold River Waltz

You can hear all the stories the old timers can tell
Hear the wind in the pines, hear the old village bell
You'll be captured forever 'neath the north country spell
Dancin' to the Cold River Waltz

{Refrain twice}

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