ARTIST: Gunther Anderson
TITLE: Change Passwords
Lyrics and Chords

[To the tune of Change Partners, by Stephen Stills]

All of the user accounts on the Vax
Are requested to take
Some precautions against being hacked

/ A Asus A Asus / A Asus / A AsusA E Esus E EsusE /

Please, then, remember, at least twice a year
To be careful and choose
A new password relieving our fears

So we change passwords
Time to change passwords
You must change passwords, again

/ D A E - / / D A E - D E D E /

Don't use your birthday, your daughter's first name
Nothing easy or simple
And don't let all your passwords be the same

Upper and lower case characters too
Perhaps a few numbers
An unrecognizable stew


All of the users accounts on the Vax
Must remember this habit
And not be remiss or too lax

With this precaution we're safe as a bank
Just don't tell a soul
That the Operator password is blank


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