ARTIST: Billy Joel
TITLE: Captain Jack
Lyrics and Chords

Saturday night and you're still hangin' around
You're tired of livin' in your one horse town
You'd like to find a little hole in the ground
For a while, hmm

/ G - Cmaj7 - / / / Bm7 - D - /

So you go to the village in your tie-dye jeans
And you stare at the junkies and the closet queens
It's like some pornographic magazine
And you smile, hmm

/ " / / / Bm7 - E7sus4 E7 /

But Captain Jack will get you high tonight
And take you to your special island
Captain Jack will get you by tonight
Just a little push 'n' you'll be smilin'
La da da, oh, yeah, yeah

/ A E D E / A E D - / : / G - Cmaj7 - / / 

You sister's gone out, she's on a date
And you just sit at home and masturbate
Your phone is gonna ring soon, but you just can't wait
For that call, hmm

So you stand on the corner in your new English clothes
And you look so polished from your hair down to your toes
Oh, but still your finger's gonna pick your nose
After all, hmm


So you decide to take a holiday
You got your tape deck and your brand new Chevrolet
Ah, there ain't no place to go anyway
And what for, hmm

So you've got everything, oh but nothing's cool
They just found your father in the swimming pool
And you guess you won't be going back to school


So you play your albums and you smoke your pot
And you meet your girlfriend in the parking lot
Oh, but still you're aching for the things you haven't got
What went wrong, hmm

And if you can't understand why your world is so dead
And why you've got to keep in style and feed your head
Well, you're twenty-one and still your mother makes your bed
And that's too long, oh, oh oh yeah yeah


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