ARTIST: "Doc Pablo" Cohn
TITLE: Boston
Lyrics and Chords

Oh Boston, I hear your song again,
Somehow your voice still calls my name
I've been kicking all around,
I've been searching up and down
Somehow the music still remains

/ C - F C / FC DmC G - / C G / C F / C G C - /

When I landed in the east and looked out to the Western sky
Seen the clouds all rolling in from where I'd come
Well I felt some kind of peace, I felt a teardrop in my eye,
Like stepping off the boat made me a native son

/ F C F C / F C G - / :

And I was standing on my own
Hey, hold the door - I'm coming home

/ FAm DmC G - / FC DmC G - /


Pick the sunlight off your gilded spires beneath a summer sky
Pick the sounds that ripple off your cobblestones
Pick a hundred other reasons why you never had to try
To pick the lock around this heart that calls you home

And even from a thousand miles
Somehow you held me all the while


Walk along the ragged coastline where your rivers meet the sea
Ride the tide among your islands in the bay
Roll around the rambling riddle that you always asked of me
You knew I'd come back for an answer one fine day

And when I finally heard your song
Somehow I'd known it all along


Oh, somehow the music still remains

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