ARTIST: David Martins
TITLE: Bluenose
Lyrics and Chords

In the town of Lunenburg down Nova Scotia way
In nineteen twenty-one on a windy day
A sailing ship was born, "Bluenose" was her name
You'll never see her kind again

/ Dm - C7 Dm / - - C - / C7 Dm A7 Dm / - A7 Dm - /

Bluenose, the ocean knows her name
Sailors know how proud a ship was she
Bluenose, leaning in the wind
Racing ev'ry way on the sea

/ Dm A7 Dm - / - C F - / Dm A7 Dm - / Gm A7 Dm - /

Her hull was long and black, her sails were snowy white
She looked just like a young bird in flight
And from the very first, the Bluenose loved to run
She loved the smell of sea and sun


For twenty-five long years she ruled the Northern sea
Riding like a queen on the tide
In the Caribbean one dark and stormy day
She ran upon a reef and died


Now just the other day, down Nova Scotia way
In Lunenburg they christened a ship
Just like the old Bluenose, down to the very name
The Bluenose lives and sails again


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