ARTIST: James Rado
TITLE: Black Boys/White Boys
Lyrics and Chords


From the original Broadway cast recording. Note that the movie differs slightly.

[Capo 2]

Black boys are delicious
Chocolate flavored love
Licorice lips like candy
I keep my cocoa handy
I have such a sweet tooth
When it comes to love

/ A G C E / / D C F D / / G - D - / E7 - A - / 

Once I tried a diet
Of quiet rest no sweets
But I went nearly crazy
And I went clearly crazy
Because I really craved for
Chocolate flavored treats

/ A - Amaj7 - / A7 - D - / Dm - A - /
   / F#m - B7 - / E7 - F#m - / B7 - E - /

Black boys are nutritious
Black boys fill me up
Black boys are so damn yummy
Always satisfy my tummy
I have such a sweet tooth
When it comes to love

Black black black black
Black black black black
Black boys!

/ D - / / A - - - /

White boys are so pretty
Skin as smooth as milk
White boys are so pretty
Hair like Chinese silk

/ D - G - / G7 - D - / G - D Bm / E A D - /

I tell you that the white boys give me goosebumps
White boys give me the chills
And when they touch my shoulder
That's the touch that kills

   Well my mama calls them lilies
   But I call them picadillies
   My daddy told me stay away
   But I said come on out and let's play

   / G7 - - - / D7 - - - / G7 - - - / A G A - /

White boys are so groovy
White boys are so tough
And every time that they're near me
I just can't get enough

{modulate up 1 semitone}

White boys are so pretty
White boys are so sweet
White boys drive me crazy
Drive me indiscreet

White boys are so sexy
Legs so long and lean
I love those sprayed-on trousers
Love the love machine

   My brother called them rubble
   That's my kind of trouble
   My daddy told me, no no no no
   But I said white boys, don't go!

White boys are so lovely
Beautiful as girls
I love to run my fingers
And touch through all them curls

Give me a tall, a lean, a sexy, a sweet
A pretty, a juicy white boy
Black boy!  White boy!
Black boy!  White boy!
Mix me up

/ G - - - / G7 - D - / G - D - / / /

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