ARTIST: Ray LaMontagne
TITLE: Beg, Steal or Borrow
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 4]

So your home town's bringing you down
Are you drowning in the small talk and the chatter
Or you gonna step into line like your daddy done
Punching the time and climbing life's long ladder

/ A - / G D A - G D / :

You've been howling at the moon like a slack-jawed fool
And breaking every rule they can throw on
But one of these days, it's gonna be right soon
You'll find your legs and go, and stay gone

Young man, full of big plans and thinking about tomorrow
Young man, gonna make a stand
You beg, steal, you borrow
You beg, you steal, you borrow

/ E G D A / E G / D C - - / A - G D A - /

Well, all the friends that you knew in school
They used to be so cool, now they just bore you
Well, look at them now, already pulling the plow
So quick to take to grain like some old mule


Dreaming of the day you're gonna pack your bags
Put the miles away
Oh, just grab your girl and go Where no one knows you
What will all the old folks say

/ Em - - - / A - / Em - - - / A - DG A - /

{First Verse}


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