ARTIST: Peter Mayer
TITLE: Astronaut Dreams
Lyrics and Chords

Maggie Jane has a family
And makes a good salary
Her life is quite ordinary
Except for her astronaut dreams

/ Am F G - / / Am F Bb - / Am G F - /

They happen when she is sleeping
They happen when she's awake
They come like abductors who sneak in
And carry poor Maggie away

Suddenly Maggie Jane is floating high in space
Up among the super novæ and the bright nebulæ
And the Earth is just another point of light far away

/ G - Em F / / G - Em F Bb - - - /

Keep busy, say the doctors
Clean house, turn on the TV
And they give her pills to stop her
From having her astronaut dreams

But the Universe still keeps calling
And haunting her daily routine
And defenses are slim when the light years creep in
And then steal her away beyond reach


And that world of her work and her bills and her children
Is a tiny place in a remote solar system
And the size and the scope of the space where she floats 
Is so big, oh it's so big, so very big

/ D - - - / Am - C - / G - - - / D - F - C - G - / Am F G - / /

So if you run into Maggie
And meet with an eerie stare
Don't think she's cold if you get no hello
Because Maggie Jane may not be there
She may not be there

/ Am F G - / / Am F Bb - / Am G F - / - - - - /

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