ARTIST: Mike Moran
TITLE: Are You Lonesome Tonight
Lyrics and Chords

[Top Secret]

[To the tune of, well, Are You Lonesome Tonight]

Are you lonesome tonight, is your kitchen a sight
Is your wardrobe all rundown and bare
Is your lipstick all smeared, are your stockings not sheer
Do they make your legs show all your hair

/ C Em Am - / C C7 F - / G - G7 - / - - C - /

Do the tears on your pillow roll down as you turn
Do they short out the blanket and make the sheets burn
Is your heart filled with pain, will you come back again
Shop at Macy's and love me tonight

/ C7 - F - / D - G7 G / C Em D - / G7 - C - /

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