ARTIST: Dar Williams
TITLE: Another Mystery
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 2]

Get off your cat walk, I want you to talk
To be the seer instead of the seen
There is a flower, a leaning tower
And all of the wonders standing between

/ G Em / / / C D / ( / / )

I don't want to be another mystery, oh no
I don't want to see who's looking at me, oh no
I want to be the one to feel the sun, oh oh
So if you want to see the world with me, let's go

/ G Em C D / / / / 

The alligator, the god that made her
And all the creatures that got left behind
In Mycenaea, Ave Maria
And everything you gotta dig harder to find
I don't want to be a vapor of heavenly light
Everybody guess if I'm an angel or sprite


You could pursue it, hell I could do it
I'll just be quiet when I get angry and hurt
I'm stopping traffic, cinemagraphic
With my long black coat hanging down in the dirt
And my hair clinging to my face in the rain
Like a goddess from the cult of beautiful pain

/ A F#m / / / D E / / /

I don't want to be another mystery (2x)

/ A F#m D E / /

I could cut you off with a shoulder of stone
Smoke all night and leave the party alone
Screw myself with an inscrutable pout
But I just want you to come figure me out

/ D E / / / /


I don't want to be another mystery

/ G Em C D F C G - /

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