ARTIST: Robbie Robertson
TITLE: American Roulette
Lyrics and Chords

He was born in the belly of the country, over east of Eden, yeah
Confused by the big city blues, he didn't know whose life he's leading, no
Put yourself behind the wheel, and see if you can get that feel
Move faster by night, yeah, move faster by night
The windows were all shattered and the body was all battered

/ Gm C Gm C / / Cm F Cm F / 1st / Am D Am D /

American roulette, stake your life upon it
American roulette, same eyes, same eyes
American roulette

/ Eb F Gm - / / /

Take that boy and put him in a mansion, paint the window black
Give him all the women that he wants, put a monkey on his back
All of your so called friends take you where the sidewalk ends
Can't sleep at night, no, can't sleep at night
Lord please save his soul, he was the King of Rock and Roll


They said she didn't have a chance in hell for the American dream
There's a thousand young blondes out there trying to make it to the silver screen
But she had the walk, the look, the talk that shook the world, read about it
Some like it hot, boy, some like it cool
Too much for her to handle, another scandal, she burnt the candle


Say a prayer for the lost generation who spin the wheel out of desperation

/ Am D Am D /


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