ARTIST: Neil Diamond
TITLE: A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
Lyrics and Chords

Walk out - Girl, don'tcha walk out
We've got things to say
Talk out - Let's have it talked out
And things will be okay

/ D C D C / / / /

Girl, I don't wanna fight
I'm a little bit wrong, and you're a little bit right
I said girl, you know that it's true
It's a little bit me, and it's a little bit you, too

/ G C D C G C D C / / / /

Don't know - Just what I said wrong
But girl, I apologize
Don't go - Here's where you belong
So wipe the tears from your eyes

{Refrain twice}

It's a little bit me, it's a little bit you
Girl, I'm gone, no no no no no
Girl, I'm gone, no no no no no
Hey, girl...

/ D C D C / / / /

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