ARTIST: Roy Hurd
TITLE: Adirondack Blue
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 2]

Intro: / G A D-Dsus2-D / :

Round, we go round, in the same sweet circle
It's a dizzy, dreamy, dance we do
Seasons turn, and feelings are changing
And the sky is a bright Adirondack blue

/ D G A D / :  (Intro)

Now the feeling of Spring is like the birth of a baby
And the sun shines warm like a mother's smile
It's the song of a robin, it's the sweet taste of maple
It's falling in love, Adirondack style


The summers are hot, as we walk by the true-brook
And the moss is as soft as the bed of a queen
Take my hand, come lay down beside me
As we share our love 'neath the trees of green


Now the music is playing, and people are swaying
And love is flowing like homemade wine
We share our food and celebrate the harvest
These mountain people sure are fine


The winters are cold, man the wind it gets wicked
And twenty-below: that ain't no big deal
There's magic at midnight as we walk in the moonlight
There's diamonds of snow, these treasures are real

...and the sky is a bright Adirondack blue

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