Homemade Melon Liqueur (Meilach) Recipe

Miscellaneous Untried Recipes

This is from a collection of recipes from books I own, but which I haven't myself tried yet. However, you can have faith that at least the authors themselves have tried them, so they're not deadly or anything.

From Homemade Liqueurs by Dona and Mel Meilach:

The same recipe is given for papaya, mango and melons of all stripes (cantaloupe, honeydew, crenshaw). Many people hope to make Midori using this standard liqueur - I don't think it's possible.

Cut melon in half, remove seeds, cut into 1/2" pieces. Place fruit in vodka, steep 1 week. Strain and squeeze hard, add syrup, age 3 weeks.

Units of measurement (unless stated otherwise)
1 cup = 8 ounces = 236ml
1 quart = 32 ounces = 944ml
1 tbsp (tablespoon) = 1/2 ounce = 15ml
1 fifth = 25.6 ounces = 750ml
1 tsp (teaspoon) = 1/6 ounce = 5ml
1 pint = 16 ounces = 472ml

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