Homemade Raspberry Liqueur (Melanie Pastuck) Recipe

From correspondent Melanie Pastuck

We made a nice raspberry liqueur that didn't receive any cough syrup comments and had a wonderful flavor.

It's thrown together recipe but it went something like this:

Steep for minimun of 6 weeks in the sun, shaking every day (ours actually sat for just about 6 months before we had time to strain it) Strain and filter, and voila - a lovely sipping drink - great with 7-up of gingerale.

Units of measurement (unless stated otherwise)
1 cup = 8 ounces = 236ml
1 quart = 32 ounces = 944ml
1 tbsp (tablespoon) = 1/2 ounce = 15ml
1 fifth = 25.6 ounces = 750ml
1 tsp (teaspoon) = 1/6 ounce = 5ml
1 pint = 16 ounces = 472ml

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